Palringo Group Messenger 8.4.2

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Palringo Group Messenger 8.4.2
  • 授权方式:免费游戏
  • 游戏类型:国产秒速飞艇
  • 游戏语言:简体中文
  • 游戏大小:85.2MB
  • 推荐星级:
  • 游戏版本:8.4.2
  • 更新时间:2019-05-01 14:00:12
  • 运行环境:手机(安卓/苹果)系统
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Palringo Group Messenger官方介绍

Palringo is the best way to stay connected, socialise, send pics, and quick voice messages with your friends or meet new people who share your interests. With over 350,000 chat groups on Palringo you can interACT with millions of people around the world. So if you’re in to Gaming, Music, SpoRTS – or maybe you want to learn a new language – Palringo is the perfect app for you!*******************************************Why should you use Palringo? It’s simple really; Group ChatChat and share pictures with up to 2,500 friends in your group. There are 350,000 groups for you to discover, or create your own. More and more are being created every single day, never has there been a better time to browse our Groups Gallery and join in the conversation! Voice MessagingPalringo offers a unique Voice Messaging service that allows you to send quick audio clips to your friends, be it one-to-one or in a group – just hold and go for instant voice recording. Picture MessagingSend any image quickly and easily in a matter of seconds to your favourite group, or to a friend. Palringo Premium!Enhance your Palringo experience with a Premium Account Upgrade and gain access to; Double your contacts, quadruple your groups, 72 hour background push notifications, loads of Themes and much, much more! Premium Groups benefit from higher rankings in the Groups Gallery (the best place to attract users), as well as exclusive Bots – plus there are many other benefits to make your group the best on Palringo. One-to-OneHave private one-to-one conversations with your friends on Palringo. Message PacksAdd more personality, humour, and fun to your conversations. Send a personal note bursting with hearts to the one you love. Create your own Memes or Rage Faces, quickly, with our Meme and Rage Packs – plus many more to discover. Premium BotsKeep your group conversations more interesting with Palringo Bots. Post pictures quickly using the Image Bot, ask questions with the Poll Bot, define that phrase with the Urban Dictionary Bot, or find out your fortune with our Fortune Cookie Bot. There are many in the Palringo Store to discover, so jump in and find out!

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